Welcome to Los Compadres

In 1939 a number of significant actions occurred that had a major impact on the Palm Springs community; the new Palm Springs High School opened it's doors to students, a second major store, Bullocks, opened their new store and the most significant action was the State Charter establishing the town as a City of the State of California. Although Palm Springs was still considered a "Village" by most of the population of the time.

Harris Posey was the manager of the new Bullocks, a business leader and once elected President of the Chamber of Commerce. He understood that many recreational activities were not easily accessible to the working people of the town, so he encouraged many new employees to take up horseback riding as there were many stables that provided horses to ride. There was only one established riding club in town who rode on Thursdays, which made it difficult for those who worked. Due to this fact, a young Bullocks employee, Ernie Dunleve, and some friends met with Harris Posey and decided to organize and charter a new riding club. They put the word out to local riders who owned their horses and ran an announcement in the local weekly Desert Sun. The very first meeting took place at the Visalia Saddle Shop on Palm Canyon Drive that same year in November 1939. Forty men and women, local riders who owned their own horses and those who were interested attended that first meeting. A President and a Secretary/Treasurer were elected for 1940-41 thus the new Palm Springs Riding Club, which became Los Compadres, was formed. The members were the workers of the community employed in many different type of jobs including schools, stores, hotels and salons. They gathered together to enjoy horseback riding, the love of the outdoors and all things western. The newly formed riding club was underway.

Unfortunately, war broke out in 1941, nearly all activities and planning for the future Los Compadres were severely curtailed. However, by this time the club had a name, a constitution, By-Laws and was eligible to apply to the State for a Charter. Los Compadres' progress was due to the dedication of the members who remained at home during these war years that continued to work in establishing a home for all the members and their horses. They moved the club in the right direction for future development.

Today, decades later, Los Compadres still holds true to it's beginnings. Our members still share the same fellowship and comradery of the Western "lifestyle". However, gone are the days of the old chuck wagons that have long been replaced by our Clubhouse facility that includes a full sized kitchen and dining room, outdoor BBQ pit and grill, in-house bar and game room. The development of the Club and the Stables has continued to contribute to the enjoyment of our membership and the community. We are still currently a diverse social organization encouraging and promoting such activities as Equestrian, off road 4 wheel vehicle adventures, RV excursions, social outings, hiking and our traditional Wednesday "Hamburger Night".

Los Compadres also extends an invitation to private groups and community organizations to enjoy the use of the Club's facilities. Our Clubhouse is made available to reserve and rent accommodating their private event or program.

One very special event is our Annual Deep Pit Barbecue that welcomes everyone from the community, residents and visitors to the Valley. It is held on the First Saturday of November and is typically attended on average up to 800-1000 guests and has become a Palm Springs tradition. Everyone experiences an evening of western hospitality at it's best . . . delicious Deep Pit, slowly roasted Beef Barbecue dinner, Music and Dancing outdoors under the stars.

Another special event is our Annual Guest Ride. Our invited guests bring their horses, trailers or RV's for a weekend of beautiful desert horseback riding, dining as well as many other fun activities. These events and many other activities would not be made possible without the hard work and participation of our members which are the foundation of the Los Compadres Club.

Historically unique and currently active in the Palm Springs area, Los Compadres has traditionally, since it's inception, been a working club of a like minded group of people who enjoy good, wholesome outdoor fun promoting Equestrian and Recreational activities for adults, youths and families. Our members, old and new alike, are proud to be part of a local tradition that is woven into the fabric of Palm Springs' history and in the preservation and expansion of it's truly special Club and Stables.

Upcoming Events

November 2023

Deep Pit BBQ

Come join us on Saturday night for delicious BBQ, great music, and dancing. Good for the whole family.

March 2023

66th Annual invitational Guest Ride

Enjoy the wonderful desert air with a weekend full of horseback riding, dinner, and dancing.